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What is Meet Management?


BASC, like most swimming clubs and associations, uses Meet Manager (‘MM‘) along with the associated Team Manager (‘TM‘) to manage the data related aspects associated with Swimming Meets and Time Trials. Both software products are used under licence from the provider – Active Hy-Tek (‘Hy-Tek‘). Note that the licence is unique to the club and must be maintained at the latest version if compatibility issues and updates are to be maintained.

The role of the Meet Manager is therefore best described as the person(s) at a club who uses Meet Manager – and not the person who manages the meets.


The Meet Manager landing Screen

This section details the various aspects of using MM software in relation to meets and time trials. It should be noted that it borrows heavily on the Meet Management guide produced by Cathy Miller of Alloa ASC (who literally wrote the book on this). Cathy unfortunately dies in 2017, which was a considerable loss. Where appropriate I have sought to update the guide to reflect changes that have happened since the original guide was written.

User Guides

Supplementary user information is available from Hy-Tek:

Click here for:  MM 6.0 User Guide 

The Generic Meet Process

Meet Management can be broken down into three stages

  1. Before the Meet/Time Trial – Creating
  2. During the Meet/Time Trial
  3. After the Meet/Time Trial